Laminar Flow Hoods / Laminar Flow Cabinets

BIOSAFE Laminar airflow systems are designed for handling materials in a sterile working environment with or without directional airflow. The construction(polycarbonate/cold rolled steel) of the Laminar airflow system’s body provides a safe working environment while the UV irradiation is performed. The polypropylene( Optional) / SUS 304 Stainless steel work surface is highly resistant to chemicals thus provides easy maintenance for the user.

Laminar airflow systems provide laminar flow air that has passed through a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. This filter removes organisms and particulates of 0.3 micron in size at an efficiency of 99.99%. It is even more efficient for both larger and smaller particles. The laminar flow principle consists of moving individual streams of unidirectional, ultra-clean air along parallel lines with minimal turbulence. The HEPA filter is positioned above the work area. It is protected by a removable, perforated metal diffuser (Optional) located immediately below it.

Your Laminar airflow systems are thoroughly tested prior to delivery. The HEPA filter was integrity tested by the filter manufacturer followed by a particle counting test performed at BIOSAFEafter manufacturing for quality assessment. Air velocity was measured with a thermo anemometer to insure that the airflow is uniform and unidirectional during the quality assessment. The nominal Air flow is 0.45 m/s ( ±25%)

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